Indonesia Pocket Full of Garden – Lewie Dunn – The Tracker

“This is the bike I had built specifically for Lewie, It’s a kind of Tracker Scrambler Dual Sport hybrid.” says Dustin Humphrey, director of Deus Indonesia.  “The bike is all black because, well, Lewie just is… More

Indonesia Pocket Full of Garden – Cal Lathrope

“Our workshop crew is damn good at making ideas come to life.” said the Director of Deus Indonesia, Dustin Humphrey.  “I had this bike built for Zye Norris but when he had to go home, it ended… More

Indonesia Pocket Full of Garden – The Builds

We wanted to do something we hadn’t done in a while. We wanted to take a devil may care trip to nowhere. Some corner of here we hadn’t been or seen. A spot off the normal… More

America The Road To Pikes Peak – The Build

In approximately 11 months, Woolie is aiming to enter the 2018 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and give the mountain a shot. No wild expectations, just head up to Colorado and get to know The Mountain… More


日本の皆さんこの英文の後に日本語があります。 Earlier this year, DEUS Residence Art Gallery hosted ‘Alone Together’ a photo exhibition by Will Goodan. Will, born and raised in LA and now based in Tokyo, began his career in 3D animation and motion graphics. Spending most of his… More

Australia Right on time – The Official Deus time pieces.

They say you can tell a lot about a man by the watch he choses  —  whether he’s an adventurous spirit, or favours a sartorial statement. Deus times pieces are designed to suit the everyday and… More