GLOBAL The Tenement of Tenacity opened it’s doors

Deus has set up their tents in Biarritz, France; an ideal home for ‘The Tenement of Tenacity‘. Located in the south west of France, its unique location is a favorite for surfers and bike lovers. In… More

Indonesia Flies in his eyes.

There ain’t nothing like a three-hour ride pre-dawn without a pair of goggles. At 80km’s an hour the eyes really start to water. Add to that the dim headlight of a rental bike and we were… More

Indonesia Keep Those Cameras Dry! – Deus Temple Enduro

Forget beaches, bars, and inexpensive eating, Bali’s Enduro scene is where it’s at! Just a hop skip and a jump from the Deus Temple in Canggu, Enduro culture is alive and well. During a recent stint… More

Indonesia Put Down That Beer & Take Up a Bicycle

This is what happens when you mix empty winding roads, that are warped along the edges of the rich green terraced rice paddies with a fever for movement. At the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm, when the wave gods haven’t… More

Indonesia Lime Cordiale are an absolute hit as a mix at the Temple

At the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm, music is an important part of our philosophy, and we pride ourselves on being able to find great bands and musicians from far and wide, especially for events, such as our Deus 9ft… More