What is ‘Slidetober’? Well what started as an event to help us here at the Temple blow off some steam has evolved with time and manifested into what it is today, an internationally renown 3 day… More


  When the Deus 9 Foot and Single first ventured onto the sand of Batu Bolong, Canggu, six years ago, it was little more than an excuse to get a bunch of mates together for some… More

Indonesia Ryan Ady Putra: Sentimental He-Art Club

Indonesian artist, Ryan Ady Putra, returns to the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm with Sentimental He-Art Club, a collection of artworks inspired by street art, the Pop movement and the burgeoning effects of social media and commerce-at-large… More


It was a big week for going back to the future at Deus, Canggu, with veteran surf writer Phil Jarratt, photographer and filmer Dick Hoole, and pioneer surfer turned author Rusty Miller all in town to… More

Indonesia To Lindsey

Andy Wauman finally unveiled his much-anticipated solo art exhibition at the Deus Gallery last Friday. The exhibition, titled ‘A Single Match Below A Fire’, is a mixture of different artistic mediums, combining photography, sculptures, and film…. More

Indonesia Sukebo

You may have read the interview we did with Tahuya ‘Tappy’ Yoshikawa last month on his time here at Deus Bali. Well Tappy had something else up his sleeve when he arrived to the Temple and that was… More

Indonesia A Single Match Below a Fire

A planted seed bursts open giving birth to what might become the tallest tree. A microscopic spark of an idea erupts from the subconscious; Growing, bigger and bigger. Grabbing more and more neurons along its cerebral… More

Indonesia Ryan Ady Putra

We were so stoked to have Ryan Ady Putra come exhibit at the Deus Gallery. The show will be up for two more weeks so come on down and take a gander for your self. Check… More