Australia The Webber

The Kawasaki W range is no stranger to the Deus Workshop, with a heathy appreciation for parallel twins running deep through our veins. None know this better than head wrench, Jeremy Tagand. So when Paul approached… More


When head mechanic Jeremy Tagand and Faidon Christodoulou from the Deus workshop decided to swing past Byron Bay on their way through to the notorious amateur flat track event ‘Dust Hustle’, it felt rude to not… More


With the tail section fabrication in the home straight, focus has returned to the tank – the most complex part of this ambitious R nine T build. Superficially the skin of the curvaceous tank appears resolved… More

Australia The Festival Of Thump No.2

Well its official, The House of Simple Pleasures events are back and thumping! Saturday the 27th of April was The Festival of Thump No.2. Every man and his single cylinder rocked up to the Camperdown Headquarters… More

Australia The Festival Of Thump No.2 – The Portraits

One of the coolest thing about motorcycles is a combination of them and their riders/owners. Durring the festival last weekend, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up the chance of documenting each snazzy… More

Australia Night-Day-Night

Treat yourself, here’s the plan: Pack your car full of boards and sneak away for a midweek swell. Take the day off, surf your brains out and head back whatever life you live, feeling refreshed. If… More