Australia The Festival Of Thump No.2 – The Portraits

One of the coolest thing about motorcycles is a combination of them and their riders/owners. Durring the festival last weekend, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up the chance of documenting each snazzy… More

Australia Night-Day-Night

Treat yourself, here’s the plan: Pack your car full of boards and sneak away for a midweek swell. Take the day off, surf your brains out and head back whatever life you live, feeling refreshed. If… More

America The Parallel Universe

The Festival of Thump we hosted back in March was devoted to the four stroke, single piston engine and its adherents, and the thumper community showed up in throngs, all sporting engines similar in form but… More

Indonesia Zye Norris Welcome To The Family

Zye Norris is our latest addition to the eccentric rat pack known as the Family Deus. The nineteen year old represents the ideals of Deus lifestyle…fast riding and fluid surfing. He’s a humble coast kid, who’s… More

Indonesia Bromo or Bust

They say that great minds think alike…Now, we are pretty far from “great minds”, but we’d like to think that a good idea formulates in our noggins from time to time. And it just so happens… More

Indonesia New Blood…. Deni Firdaus

This pubescent grom’s “coming out” in Java is a great example how all one needs to become a talented longboarder at a young age is a suitable wave and access to a suitable board… That would… More