Indonesia Good Times come with Motorcycles

One of the best things about owning and riding a motorcycle is the undeniable connection you have with your machine and what your doing with it. You can see the shocks absorbing every bump and the… More

Indonesia Classy women ride motorcycles

Now there are many things in life which push certain buttons of mine. And I would have to admit that both Women and Motorcycles are up there on the top of that list. Unfortunately within todays… More

Indonesia ‘Cafe Racer’ 225

This bike has been in and out the workshop more times than certain celebs and rehab. Not that its broken down. Its actually a new bike. The boys have just been riding it and tweaking it… More

Indonesia Ladies look better in red

A few weeks ago our brothers in arms down under said they were diligently working away on something in their workshop. Not giving us any clues we were left to speculate. A new salt flat skipper… More

Indonesia Inspriration from aesthetics..

As I sit at the Deus Cafe slowly sipping my latte, I come realize that we here at Deus draw inspiration from alot of the things around us. Surf, sun, friends, art and motorcycles all play… More