Indonesia A touch of Blue n’ Green

My my my what do we have here? Seems that a few freshly resined up wave riders have just hit the Temple’s rainbow of a surfboard rack and are lookin’ mighty fine if I do say… More

Indonesia Bat tails, glassed in twinnies and a 10 foot nose rider

Smokin’ Skull rocked up this morning with the latest batch of Deus Customs straight from polish. Bat tails, glassed in twinnies, rocket fishies and even a 10 foot noserider. A true cross section of styles and… More

Indonesia Quiver of new boards arrive at the Temple

After many an hour hidden away in the surfboard art bay, the Smokin’ Skull has finished the ink on newest batch of Deus Custom’s surfboards.This latest quiver of shred sticks have been shaped by Deus Shapers… More