Indonesia Lovelace in the Temple Bay

Based in Santa Barbara, California, shaper Ryan Lovelace is on his second visit at the Temple of Enthusiasm, working on an intimate selection of boards manufactured for distribution in the far reaches of the Deus Empire…. More


Imagine that, hey? The quiver of my dreams becomes a reality. I’m over the moon. It’s like seven years of Christmas presents in one hit. The logs are at home taking some time off and there’ll… More

Australia A Bouquet of Foam

Shaping a surfboard is as much of an art form as painting a picture or writing a ballad. 2nd gen shaper and Deus family member, Joel Fitzgerald is one of those few but very talented shapers… More

Australia The Deus Rubber Range

The Deus Wetsuit range has just expanded to include two sleek Long Sleeve Spring  and Full Suits. Beautifully hand crafted in Japan, using the most amazing limestone rubber, these suits offer a high degree of stretch for unparalleled comfort and functionality. Covered in approximately 80% smooth… More

Australia Night-Day-Night

Treat yourself, here’s the plan: Pack your car full of boards and sneak away for a midweek swell. Take the day off, surf your brains out and head back whatever life you live, feeling refreshed. If… More

Australia Surf Swap Nr6

After an incredibly long wait, Sydney City Council finally gave us the green light and we are pleased to announce (if you didn’t already know) that our Swap Meets are back! Deus Camperdown carpark played host… More