Indonesia 9ft & Single 2017 is almost here

It’s that time of year folks, the 7th Deus 9ft & Single, presented by SurfStitch is fast approaching. So grab your calendar and pencil it in. This year on the first weekend of June (1st-4th) we… More

Indonesia Two Generations of Minchinton’s Shaping

We here at the Temple of Enthusiasm are constantly trying to push the envelope when it comes to Deus Surfboards and our ‘Shapers in Residence’ program. Whether it’s with established shapers bringing their vaults of knowledge,… More

Indonesia Introducing The ‘Sherpa’

’What do you get when you put a baby boomer and a Gen Y in a small room together? Well, if the room happens to be the Deus Temple’s shaping bay then things get pretty interesting…. More


What is ‘Slidetober’? Well what started as an event to help us here at the Temple blow off some steam has evolved with time and manifested into what it is today, an internationally renown 3 day… More

Indonesia Zye’s South to Sian Motorcycle

The last post we did was on Harrison’s reliable steed from the South to Sian journey he and his best mate Zye Norris endured. Now its time to have a look at its partner in crime,… More

Indonesia Harrison’s South to Sian Motorcycle

If you have been following the South to Sian journey as it has progressed though its various locations and terrains, you will have undoubtably seen The bikes that Harrison and Zye used along the trip. Both… More