South Afrcia There is a saying in South Africa…

There is a saying in South Africa, “Die weskus is die beste kus” which literally means, “The west coast is the best coast.” And after our last little road trip, there are no arguments coming from… More

Indonesia Late season swell – A surf story.

It was about a week out that we saw a swell headed our way. It appeared as a big red cloud of potential creeping up the west coast of Australia and our first thoughts were to… More


Who would have ever thought that the surfing community in Zurich was so large even though we are so very far from the sea? It was a day full of joy and dedication to the lifestyle of surfing. Likeminded… More

Indonesia Lombok Surfari

  This is a story about three friends. All of whom herald from the same small coastal town in Western Java, all of whom had fallen under the spell of surfing. A spell cast by those first surf… More


The one day trip up the coast; undervalued, overlooked, and often taken for granted. It’s the simplest form a road trip, and a staple of the surfing community.  Usually the easiest decision we have to make. But… More

Australia Surf now, buy later – Deus Manly

The early Saturday morning sky was blanketed by grey clouds with swell leaving a bit to be desired, but the Thomas Bexon Surf Demo has begun. Despite the conditions folks lined up, wetsuits on, grinning from ear… More