A Super Ok Extremity Screening.

After a long wait and a massive effort by the Deus creative team- Sonny finally got his time in the spotlight with the screening of Extremity, a short film by Jeff Zwart. All the stars of… More

America Woolie vs Pikes Peak.

America’s Mountain is etched into the pages of American History dating back to the 1700’s, and still today it is an awe-inspiring beast of a place. Because of this, there would be no better place to… More

GLOBAL The Making of Extremity – BTS 35mm by Nevin Pontious

It was a busy day on Soggy lake. A Russian arm film crew, a behind the scenes film crew, a stills crew, a styling crew, a drone crew, a stunt dog crew – all out in… More

GLOBAL Extremity

Amber filled the sky, and dust filled the air. When they clashed, a feeling long forgotten was captured, a yearning for freedom finally sated – for a while. A machine with the purpose of giving us… More

Indonesia Sharpen the Arrows – Harrison’s DIY Quiver: Part 1/4

Here at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm one of the things we are most proud of is our ‘Shapers in Residency’ program. The list of names of those who we’ve been incredibly lucky to have frequent… More


Southern California with all it’s glitz and glamour. Plastic surgery and reality television shows are a far cry from Baja California, Mexico. In a matter a minutes and a drive across the border, multi million dollar… More