Indonesia 9ft riders and their logs

During the festivities of Sunday’s ‘9ft & Single’ party back at the Temple, I managed to man- handle a few of the competitors into the studio, to grab a photo with the log the rode in… More

Indonesia Vintage Sunglass Goodness

After a short, yet extremely relaxing hiatus, I returned to the Temple this morning to find a stickered up box sitting on my desk. After a quick once over, I proceeded to tear into it with… More

Indonesia Vintage Throwback’s

Fresh off the ink roller and onto the rack…a slew of throwback prints upon vintage cut’s now stand proud on the Deus showroom floor. Put a time past on your chest with a choice of internal… More

Indonesia A look back at 2010

The New Year is almost upon us, bringing with it a brand new 365 days to use as we see fit. The back-end of 2010 saw a lot happen within the Temple of Enthusiasm’s walls, from… More

Indonesia The Critical Slide Society

The Critical Slide Society (TCSS) is the brain child of Jim Mitchell and Sam Coombes. A couple of artists who had many an hour racked inside Mambo as well as other surf related brands. They describe… More

Indonesia Deus Sale!

Its coming to the end of the year folks and you know what that means? The Temple of Enthusiasm is having its first end of year sale! This joyous occasion will take place between the 10th… More

Indonesia High Summer line hits the racks

Fresh off the boat, the new line of threads has made it’s way from the port and arrived at the Temple Of Enthusiasm. Box-fresh and ready to adorn, this High Summer collection migrated into the showroom,… More

Indonesia Somewhere in Seminyak

In the depths of Seminyak, among the riff raff of motorbikes and traffic, there is a adequately sized shop packed with clothing from only the best of the bunch. Now I don’t usually venture down Jalan… More

Indonesia Papas got a brand new bag..

There are many things in life which define a person…personality, views on the world and how they present themselves. Now I’m an advocate of the latter of these three, how you dress / look on a… More

Indonesia Kickin’ it antique style

I love perfect timing, like when it starts to rain as soon as you get inside, or when you find a taxi as soon as you need one. Or in our case when an amazing piece… More

Indonesia Deus book hits the shelves

The Deus ‘House Of Simple Pleasures’ is on our shelves! 300 pages of visual greatness, wrapped up in a hardback for your pleasure. The book chronicles 5 years of Deus, from bikes to boards, peddling and… More

Indonesia Book Launch NYC

The Deus Book was was unveiled stateside a couple of days ago. A small gathering was held to celebrate occasion at ‘Saturdays’ in New York City. Here are a few pictures from the event. Damn those… More

Indonesia Mr Wellman graces our racks.

Andrew Wellman is an artist. His pieces take up prime real estate on our walls as well as walls around the world. His latest works are a limited edition run of hand printed tee shirts to… More

Indonesia Temple threads are out

The Temple is lookin’ spick and span, with the new display racks arriving last week we have finally managed to find room for all the tasty new threads.From key-chains to evening gear,  bags to button ups,… More


Straight from the Deus workshop to your wardrobe, a fresh swab of fine attire for Spring. Hike up your shorts, roll up your sleeves, let your limbs breath and run free this season. We give you… More