Indonesia The Wanderers

We received another postcard from Surf Traveler Matt Cuddihy. Well actually it was an email but never the less had more nice images attached to it! View for your self- Iv been traveling around by myself… More

Australia The Deus Rubber Range

The Deus Wetsuit range has just expanded to include two sleek Long Sleeve Spring  and Full Suits. Beautifully hand crafted in Japan, using the most amazing limestone rubber, these suits offer a high degree of stretch for unparalleled comfort and functionality. Covered in approximately 80% smooth… More


The parking lot at The Emporium of Postmodern Activities is, for the most part, a civilized place; an evolved tarmac where mannerly citizens maneuver their EPA compliant vehicles in an orderly, adult fashion. It’s a peaceful… More

Indonesia Second Sight

Our good friend and Deus surf/travel ambassador Matt Cuddihy set sail a few months back from his kangaroo back yard to the land of the stars and stripes. He’s been keeping himself busy at the Emporium of Postmodern… More

Indonesia Handmade Batik Fins

Fins, who would have thought that these bits of fiberglass and resin would change your board so much? Well, we do and since we take the time to hand shape our sticks, why wouldn’t we hand… More

Indonesia Back in black

We do make custom motorcycles. We really do. You’d not be mistaken for thinking we don’t, what with the surf side of things monopolising the Blog sphere of late. Ok, we’re sorry. But as we have… More

Indonesia Grown for Deus

Handmade by Andrew Wells at Grown Surfboards in Lennox Heads these Grown for Deus bodysurfing hand planes have a unique providence. Each hand plane is formed using both sustainably grown paulownia timber from Coffs Harbour and… More