Australia The House Was A Temple

Temple is the latest collaboration between LA film maker, Jack Coleman and Dustin Humphrey. The film showcases a project which involves some of the worlds most talented and creative shapers in the industry including Thomas Bexon,… More

America La – Barstow – Vegas

THE GOOD: The simple criterion of the historical LA-Barstow-to-Vegas Dual Sport ride have remained the same for the past 29 years: Follow a charted route on dual sport motorcycles to Las Vegas, starting in Los Angeles,… More

Indonesia Just Add Water

Water it and it will grow could be applied to the Deus ex Machina family. And if by water it you mean having had the most amazing crew of shapers, surfers, artist, musicians, film makers and… More

America Barber Vintage Festival

When Woolie’s not building beautiful hand-crafted motorcycles in his workshop at the Emporium in Venice, you can usually find him out in our local mountain ranges fiendishly wringing the neck of one of his poor dirt… More

Italy Milan’s Love For Deus

Friday the 16th Saw The media conference in Milan for the press launch of “Deus Italy” held during the international motorcycle exhibition EICMA, which exceeded all expectations. During the night more than 1000 people joined the… More

Indonesia Big Red

Originally it was only meant to be an 11 footer. But when Josh Hall first laid eyes on the twelve foot plus foam. He just started frothing at the mouth and making noises about how rare… More

Indonesia The Hall Way

Not wanting to let the foam dust settle in the shaping bay we’ve once again been graced with another shaper out back lately, this time heralding from San Diego, Josh Hall. We think that one of… More

Australia Great Scott!

Everybody has their favorite period in time. A bunch of quiff wearing diner lovers have converted a Newcastle warehouse the size of two hangers into one of the most well themed museums around. Their decade of choice… More

Indonesia Set out to do

Indonesians are, on the whole, an incredibly accommodating and accepting race of peoples. It took us only hours, far less than days, before we felt at home. We had our shack, our base of operations and… More

Indonesia I need a Roadie

A road trip can be a mini extension of matedom. It’s own little eco system if you will. When you get a group of like-minded guys they can ingrate themselves with each other so much that… More

America Bivouac

We called this adventure Bivouac. A bivouac shelter is any of a variety of improvised camp sites such as those used in scouting and mountain climbing. It may often refer to sleeping in the open with… More