Indonesia Stevie Gee

Stevie Gee touched down island side, immediately posted himself up in his allocated Joglo and got straight to creating his impending exhibition. Unperturbed by turbulence and not faded by jetlag there was a quick supply run… More

Indonesia ‘Sunday’

‘Mustang’, our chief mechanic, has been busy both in and out of our Bengkel it seems. He must just love the constant cacophony of a welding buzz, squealing torque wrenches and the throaty roar of exhausts…It’s… More

Indonesia The Dappled Cities

We thought you should be the first to know that the ‘Dappled Cities’ will be playing right here at the ‘Deus Temple of Enthusiasm’ for our “Slidetober Surf Music & Art Fest’. We’re so buzzed to… More

Indonesia Furioso Mark 2

When last we saw a bike like this she was all dressed in blue. Definitely a dark horse in silver livery. That little pony turned more than one head in her wake but importantly one that… More

Indonesia View from the edge

More news from the intrepid band of Deus gadabouts off in Sri Lanka. We received this email this afternoon chock-a-block full of attachments. Eye candy. Not wanting to sully their story with words from here, we… More

Indonesia The Spoon

  Within minutes of the initial conversation a half shaped longboard blank was being hacked up and glued back together with resin to produce a blank with the required amount of foam to get the proper… More