Indonesia Deus Sale!

Its coming to the end of the year folks and you know what that means? The Temple of Enthusiasm is having its first end of year sale! This joyous occasion will take place between the 10th… More

Indonesia Horse’s Horses

Simon ‘Horse’ Morley…You may have heard this name before, he is a man known world over for a coming up with an interesting niche in the comedy market. I wont delve too deep into the subject,… More

Indonesia Campur Film Festival Update

     —-NEWS FLASH–NEWS FLASH–NEWS FLASH–NEWS FLASH– Although a number of people & groups have already submitted their films quite a few others have told us that they are nearly there. So to accommodate these slightly slower… More

Indonesia Japanese Tanks

Alloy…raw, light as a feather and welded with the precision of a surgeon. Qualities of the hand made tanks that Japan produces and we yearn for. Two such tanks have been waiting in our parts room,… More

Indonesia Bryan Palacious

23 year old artist, Bryan Palaciosgrew up near the Mexican boarder, with a father from Mexico and a mother from the United States. His family ran a restaurant in Mexico and he went to school in… More