Indonesia Mr. Antonio Muñoz

Artist, Antonio Muñoz arrived to Bali in August. He brought with him but a few things…His brushes, his lovely wife, the children, sketchbooks, a few pairs of board shorts, a couple of external hard drives, an… More

Indonesia Swapmeet Style

Wow! What a day!…Deus Canggu’s first ever swapmeet has just come to an end and twas quite the eventful occasion.Vendors arrived early to set up their respective booths, making trips to the coffee machine to fuel… More

Indonesia Paintboothing

We love painting things here at Deus, anything that can be painted will be painted. I noticed some commotion around the paint-booth yesterday so I thought I would go takes a look see. I sneak in… More

Indonesia Book Launch NYC

The Deus Book was was unveiled stateside a couple of days ago. A small gathering was held to celebrate occasion at ‘Saturdays’ in New York City. Here are a few pictures from the event. Damn those… More

Indonesia Gone Surping

Some lucky son of a guns got to leave the temples embrace last week and venture out into the wilderness that is Lombok. I however was not one of these lucky few, but don’t fret, a… More

Indonesia Behind the garage door

In anticipation to The Deus Gallery’s upcoming exhibit, I paid Mr. Fraser Anderson a visit at his cozy studio tucked down a side street. Things are defiantly happening behind that garage door, empty silly string canisters… More

Indonesia Dear Andy

Dear Andy, I am walking around today in a somber daze except for the frequent cold chills that run up my spine when I realize that you are really not alive anymore. I am sad. I… More