Indonesia Golden Year Variety

When you look at the wide variety of genres in motorcycle sport today, its easy to get lost in the crowds, overly colorful sponsorship logos and the ever enticing TV commercials. It hasn’t always been like… More

Indonesia Bio Reef Photoshoot

You’d have read yesterdays blog, so have a good understanding of the nature and circumstances under which these awesome photos were taken. Six metres down and fifty metres out. A couple of you might need to… More

Indonesia Buddah’s new ride

If you’re a regular reader of our modest blog, and can remember back to October then you will recollect that a certain Mr. Thai Buddah Graham walked away with the number 1 spot in our Slidetoberfest… More

Indonesia And The Gods Made Love

The latest artist to participate in the Deus Artist in residence program is internationally known, Australian artist, Mia Taninaka. Over the past 6 weeks or so she has been letting her creative juices flow upstairs in… More

Indonesia New Threads

The latest line of Deus threads has just hit our Canggu showroom’s racks. It encompasses everything you could ever wear on your body, from hats and shorts to jeans and bags. Leather, canvas, cotton and denim… More

Indonesia Welcoming in 2012

After a couple days recovery from the other night, everybody seems to be back online and the Temple is bustling once again. We celebrated new years in a true home grown back yard fashion, with live… More

Indonesia The Soap Bar Trio

After the ‘Tracking’ trip just a few months ago, Tyler Warren did his thing, spent some time in the confines of the shaping bay and left us with a trio of foam-craft before his departure. Three… More

Indonesia Farm Scrambler

Growing up we all had that friend, or knew someone that had that friend….you know…the kid who lived in the middle woods or grew up on a farm or something similar. Whenever you visited, it usually… More

Indonesia The Hiku

The festive season is in it’s final strait leading up to Christmas, and what better gift is there to receive on the morning of the 25th than a shiny new Deus motorcycle? This ride, dubbed ‘The… More