Indonesia Hydrant on deck

‘Easy come, easy go’ was the song that set the sentiment for the whole night. People were drifting, a common case in the island of the gods…as they came, saw, ate and departed. Smiles on dials… More

Indonesia Japanese Lids

The wandering boys returned from their journey of mighty Orient last night, bringing with them a screed of stories and a bounty of classic moto swag. It seems that amongst their travels they happened upon a… More

Indonesia Brat Style

After their last communication, I wasn’t sure if we would ever hear from the lost boys again…I had conjured up images of them wandering the back-lands of japan with a gaggle of Harajuku chicks, committing all… More

Indonesia Juan ‘Maestro’ Fangio

It’s not everyday something related to the four wheeled persuasion graces these pages…but after finding an image amongst the intertubes, I had to delve deeper into the story of the subject.That story being of racing legend,… More