Indonesia Art ‘n’ Music

The ‘UrgntSnds/UrgntSlnc’ art Exhibition on Thursday the 24th is fast approaching, and as usual the temple is abuzz with the pre show arrangements. As well as providing an exhibition worth of new works, Farid will also… More

Indonesia Ric O’Barry And The Cove

Alright people I’m pretty excited to be saying this…The Academy Award winning film “The Cove” along with its Environmental Crusader Ric O’Barry are going to be gracing the Deus Temple with their presence. Ric is going… More

Indonesia Shiny New Skegs

Its been some time since something surf related was posted here. The wind and lack of swell have been against us, but soon enough we will be heading into the thick of it, so I couldn’t… More

Australia Surf Swap 4

From the gathering of the salted at Deus Ex Machina, Camperdown on the 26th February, 2011. Punters Witnessed the great master Martin Worthington performing onsite board sprays whilst the woodheads, enjoyed hand shaping of timber alaia… More