Indonesia ‘Pulp Friction’ – a New Exhibition by Harry Holiday

Harry ‘the Hat’ Holiday is no stranger to Bali and the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm, a regular visiting place for this global gypsy. Harry’s stylised surf art, with its ethereal qualities and surf-saturated influences, is embraced… More

Indonesia To Lindsey

Andy Wauman finally unveiled his much-anticipated solo art exhibition at the Deus Gallery last Friday. The exhibition, titled ‘A Single Match Below A Fire’, is a mixture of different artistic mediums, combining photography, sculptures, and film…. More

Indonesia A Single Match Below a Fire

A planted seed bursts open giving birth to what might become the tallest tree. A microscopic spark of an idea erupts from the subconscious; Growing, bigger and bigger. Grabbing more and more neurons along its cerebral… More

Indonesia Ryan Ady Putra

We were so stoked to have Ryan Ady Putra come exhibit at the Deus Gallery. The show will be up for two more weeks so come on down and take a gander for your self. Check… More

Indonesia Permanent Vacation

We hade an epic time in the Deus Gallery last night with the opening of Ryan Ady Putra show ‘Permanent Vacation’ A bit about the artist who provided us with amazing visuals- Staying in the south… More

Indonesia Deus Film & Art Xmas Extravaganza

We’ve never needed much of an excuse to throw a party at the Temple, but when we have a good reason we pull out all the stops. So what happens when we’ve got three good reasons?… More