Indonesia A word from the Wise and a Drop in the Bucket.

We’re dancing around last weekend’s event’s a tad. From one event to the other with a whole lack of rhythm or reason. Probably because we’re all still super stoked at how the whole 9’ & Single… More

Indonesia Handy Hints of the Hand Made.

Once the Womp has come full circle, and the judge’s tallies are in, scrub up another time and join us up at The Deus Temple for the day’s award ceremonies. From 6:30pm on the 1st June… More

Indonesia Pocket Full of Gene

So, I must come clean…when the idea sprouted in my mind to spark up the ole interview machine, it was out of pure laziness. For some reason I thought that a few quick questions would soothe… More

Indonesia Down Time is Fun Time

All swells have a bit of a shelf life. Could be a week, could be a day. This last swell that ripped though Bali lasted about a three days, and brought us more pro’s than a… More

Indonesia Swells Up

We last left you with the talk of a looming swell and Salsa sending smoke signals on a headland to his mates who live by the credo, “Have swell? Will travel”. Lets just say, they all… More

Indonesia Smokey Joe

We here a Deus love building bikes, but we really dig building a bike for one of the boys. One they can load up and pillage the island’s on. And that’s what we did for Ellis… More