Indonesia Deus Nine Foot and Single 2016 – Talking Boards

The fifth annual Shapers’ Forum is a chance to kick back after a fun day of Fish Frying and surfing to hear story talked by some of the world’s leading shapers and surfers. A warm Canggu… More

Indonesia Deni Firdaus – Home is Where the Waves Are

A little town with a small and rolling point break nestled into a corner of the West Javan coast isn’t the first place that springs to mind as the destination for epic Indonesian surf. It has… More

Indonesia Ayok – Local Knowledge

When surfers first came to Bali, the locals thought they were madmen. Not only did they appear to walk on water, dancing across the faces of waves with mystical grace and supernatural abilities, but they were… More

Indonesia “How do you take yer java?”

As you know the fellowship of the like-minded surfer runs deep in these parts. While over in Bali for the annual log comp in June, Dane Peterson crossed paths with Husni and Deni the grom, supper… More

Indonesia Lovin Spoonful….

Man has used the spoon for many centuries. Early man, for instance I’m sure fashioned a semi concaved stick to feast on a stew like meal. I’m sure that Jesus used a spoon during the last… More

Indonesia “Good times boys, good times…”

Fact, we here at The Temple feel that the Island is a better place when “Doc and Jake” are in town. Now were not trying to jerk your crank, its just a fact. They come over… More