Deus Cafe Canggu Bali

“God’s Restaurant,” if you speak Latin. The place where motorcycles and fine dining collide, if you take anything literally around here. If so, you can call our food Pan Asian Cuisine. But if you want the real story, then read on…

In designing this menu, Deus’ founding flavor-guru Malee drove her bike deep into the hills of southern Thailand seeking authentic culinary discoveries. The resulting recipes have been developed and implemented by acclaimed top Indonesian chef, expert food mechanic who assembles food with a passion typically reserved for family and loved ones. From our spicy Thai chicken to our custom baguette grinders and unique sushi fusion, Deus café built their menu the same way they make motorcycles and surfboards: straight from the gut.

Aside a full bar, including fine wines and tap beer, Deus’ coffees have been called the best in Bali — we’re happy to agree. After sunset, there’s music and other entertainment, and there are always quiet corners for more intimate conversation. Large teak tables, stuffed corner sofas and sturdy bars stools await your desire, while original pieces by fine artists Robert Moore, Andrew Wellman & Dustin Humphrey are featured through the facilities. Our kitchen opens at 8 am and closes at 10 pm every day. Reservations are encouraged and totally unnecessary. We don’t deliver, but you’re welcome to pick up anytime. And gods of every sort are always invited, assuming you speak Latin.