Amsterdam Deus Cycle Sunday #2

What is it about cycling that always seems to conjure up the thrill of adventure? If you’ve ever prepared for a ride, you’ve felt it. Even if it’s in those small, routine moments. Sipping coffee and… More

Amsterdam Deus Cycle Sunday

30th August. Sunday, Windy Sunday. The smell of fresh brewed coffee is welcoming our riders in the Deus Café & Restaurant at the Amsterdam canals. It’s a familiar and comforting smell that feels just like home… More


Last week we threw a weekend-long party to officially open the doors of ‘The Wat of Why’ – Deus’ newest home(s) in Amsterdam. Situated on the canals in the centre of the city, there’s no better place… More

Amsterdam The Wat of Why – Amsterdam

Deus Ex Machina’s new spiritual home and flagship ‘The Wat of Why’ is now open, set up right in the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. Situated in a 1643 Canal House, we couldn’t think of a better… More