Australia The Deus Latte Art Showdown – Camperdown

For most people, the morning cup of coffee is just an excuse to kick the hangover, have a quick chat with a co-worker or get the mind moving. For Yoshiteru Yoshida, or ‘Yoshi’, the man behind… More

Australia Live Sessions at The House Of Simple Pleasures.

The night of Mardi Gras saw the birth of Deus Live Sessions at the Deus House of Simple Pleasures, a fortnightly event that celebrates local musical talent. The doors were flung open in the early evening… More

Australia GOOSE

Jim Goose, referred to as The Goose or simply Goose, was the best friend of Max Rockatansky, an experienced motorcyclist and pursuit officer on the Main Force Patrol. He was portrayed by Steve Bisley and starred in George Miller’s Mad Max.   Based on… More

Australia Z900RS Build Two – Entry Three

Everything is ready! We have all the bodywork freshly painted on one side of the bench and on the other, all the alloy bits ready to go. Hours were spent brushing all the aluminum to show… More

Australia Z900RS Build Two – Entry Two

The fiberglass pieces were on and mocked up but we were just getting started. My note pad was running out of pages but step-by-step I managed to finish the muffler and sent it to get black… More

Australia Z900RS Build Two – Entry One

Kawasaki Managing Director, Ken Ashiba, is a massive fanboy of the original Mad Max and Jim Gooses KZ1000 Kwaka. So it’s a given that we were asked to build a modern day interpretation of this motorcycle… More