When head mechanic Jeremy Tagand and Faidon Christodoulou from the Deus workshop decided to swing past Byron Bay on their way through to the notorious amateur flat track event ‘Dust Hustle’, it felt rude to not… More

Australia The Machine Show 2017 – It all starts with one.

When you sit back to take a look at all the great bike shows around the globe, no matter how big they get or got, they all started with one… With one idea, one passion and… More

Australia Deus X Byron Bay Surf Festival 2017

The Byron Bay Surf Festival has come and gone, but not without leaving a positive impact on everyone that came and enjoyed the free community event. The who’s who of the surf community came together to… More

Australia Jye Byrnes Single Fin

Jye Byrnes  Six Channel Single Fin Whether you want to ride the high line or just have a whole lot of fun, the 6 channel single fin model will allow you to pivot and flow along… More

Australia Jye Byrnes Bonzer

Jye Byrnes Contemporary Bonzer Following on from the Campbell Brothers concept, Jye Byrnes has design this contemporary version with some modification and tweaks to enhance the retro performance of the original concept. Essentially the concept is… More

Australia McTavish Sherpa Program

McTavish Sherpa  A modern compact based on the best design features from 50 years of surfboard development, the Sherpa oozes excitement. The Sherpa has taken the classic full template from the late sixties, the low entry… More