GLOBAL Deus Swank Rally Wheels and Waves – Video

The air you breathe at Wheels & Waves – the air that convinced us to repeat the event – is something unique (it could be the petrol) but it’s a world revolving around bikes and boards,… More

GLOBAL Deus Swank Rally Wheels & Waves 2019

Wheels and Waves once again played host to the Deus Swank Rally; and although this year’s forecast was kinder to us, the day still ended as a muddy mess of vintage two strokes, burnt out riders,… More


DEATH RIDES A HORSE デス ライズ ア ホース Deus Ex Machina has finished its latest adventure film. ‘DEATH RIDES A HORSE’ Six friends, four bikes, and a quiver of surfboards. A story about a journey to… More

GLOBAL Deus Bike Build Off – Behind the builds (Indonesia)

The Deus Bike Build Off stands out amongst other bike building competitions because it centres on ‘creating the most with the least’. Meet Arfan of Bckyrd Customs in Indonesia – a Bike Build Off veteran – who took the time… More

GLOBAL Goof Bike

If you hire an alternative artist to design a bike, don’t be surprised if you create a fun-sized surf sled that gets you from A to B – As long as A and B are interchangeably… More

GLOBAL Paul McNeil x Deus Ex Machina – Artist Capsule

We’ve teamed up with iconic Australian artist and long-time friend Paul McNeil, across a range of apparel and hardware that celebrates his love of surfing, motorcycles and all things goofy. Head to to check out the… More