Indonesia One Hundred Days of a Salty Dude – Zye Norris

As with all the great epic traditions, Zye Norris, your archetypal ‘salty dude’ sallied forth and spent, a lot more than the titled, one hundred days in the water, crossing lands, and just wallowing about in… More

Indonesia Deus Kumpul Kumpul Ride

After a helluva hiatus, we were finally able to resuscitate the Deus Sunday ride. Rebranded and flying under the brand new name of the Deus ‘Kumpul-kumpul’, which literally means ‘Get Together’ in Bahasa Indonesia. For the… More

Indonesia The Last Sunbeams of Flow

His friends call him Cuddles, something about how it makes him blush when you do. It’s funny though, everyone that Matt Cuddihy meets seems to become a friend, he’s just so damn likable. As a surfer,… More

Indonesia Siapa Lagi Kalau Bukan Kita… (Who Else If Not Us…)

When the season changes and the trade winds swing from east to west, the swells hitting the shores start to drop or get so wind affected they aren’t worth chasing. It’s then that you know that… More

Indonesia Deus Do A Deal – Bandung

Indonesia is a vast archipelago, over 17,500 islands and nearly 5500kms wide she requires cheap, fast and easy transportation to move her people. You don’t get a Nobel to guess that the motorcycle fits the criteria for most of… More

Indonesia Deus Wet and Wild

We’re firmly entrenched in the rainy season here in Bali and over these past couple of weeks, it often feels like it’s coming down by the truckload. Everyone’s fingers were more than tightly crossed that we… More