Indonesia Pull it apart and put it back together again. Deus Slidetoberfest, Deconstructed.

The Deus Slidetoberfest is probably one of the funnest things you can do while you’re still breathing. In the past seven years, we had been honing the event to resemble everything we wanted to do in… More

Indonesia Getting down and dirty at Kustomfest 2018

Any reason to get thirty thousand of my new best friends together is a great reason to jump on a plane and fly a couple of thousand K’s. KustomFest has been running for the past 6… More

Indonesia A Not So Silent Observer Of The World. An exhibition by Irene Hoff Deus Gallery

Irene Hoff sits down. She has one of those direct gazes that holds you while she speaks, there’s no wandering regard here. She is quick with a joke which she delivers precisely in her heavily Dutch… More

Indonesia The Indonesian Two Stroke Blokes

The “Geng Tril Tua” as the vintage two-stroke aficionados call themselves in Indonesia has been slowly making converts from one end of the archipelago to the other. You could really see the increased numbers who modify… More

Indonesia Sharpen the Arrows – Harrison’s DIY Quiver: Part 4/4

The fourth and final board in Harrison’s 2018 quiver, well, you could say it was the board we’d been waiting for… Or perhaps I should say it was what we expected, finally, a tiny one! There… More

Indonesia Sharpen the Arrows – Harrison’s DIY Quiver: Part 3/4

Satu, dua, tiga… the third board Harrison shaped for his rather eclectic 2018 quiver, would have to be wildest. Its length is 7’1” and when we asked him the width, all was got was a rather… More