Indonesia Midlength

We have a couple of real midlength gems from Thomas Bexon hitting the rack this week. The boys in the glassing bay treated them to opaque bases, sublime airbrushing and tinted resin pin lines. Keepers bother of… More

Indonesia Pinzer

A true renaissance board from a man cut from the same cloth. Mike Minchinton has left some beautiful legacies of his time here with us. None more so than this gorgeous 6’0 x 21″ x 2⅞” Pinzer…. More

Indonesia Show Boat – Honda CB150 Verza

You have just got to love those calls when a bike manufacturer rings you up and asks you to modify one of their street naked bikes for an upcoming launch. We most certainly do, and when… More

Indonesia Deus Slidetoberfest 2017 – It’s a Wrap… Video

The Deus Slidetoberfest is our four day celebration of what makes island life great. It’s the perfect cocktail of friends, family, two wheels, old and new and a bevy of boards all shaped in the Deus… More

Indonesia Bali Flat Trackers – 5 bikes for 5 brothers

Five custom Kawasaki KLX 150 Flat Trackers, representing each of the countries we have a Flagship store in; Australia, Italy, US, Japan and of course here in Indonesia. We built them for the Deus SlidetoberFest, and if… More

Indonesia 31May – 3 June 2018… Lock in the dates! Deus 9ft & Single Art, Music, Film & Log Fest 2018

It’s that time of year when the heavens start to clear, the winds change direction and the swells once again head our way and we’re turning our mind to getting out there and amongst it. For… More