Indonesia Flat out getting ready for the Slidetoberfest Flat Track

If you haven’t figured it out yet, our Slidetoberfest is all about a weekend of sliding. Both on dirt and on water. From the motor point of view, we’ve been churning up the beach sand for… More

Indonesia Getting the DT’s.

On behalf of, ‘Geng Tril Tua’ of Indonesia, Yamaha DT Indonesia delivered their 2nd Jamboree in Bandung last Weekend. What a turnout there was, well into the hundreds streaming in from all regions of Indonesia there… More

Indonesia The Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride, Bali style.

Bali is a very special place to do the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride and there are a couple of reasons why. As you would expect, the most common form of transport here is two wheels in one,… More

Indonesia Deus Womp Comp 2017

The fourth annual Deus Womp Comp, our crash-smash bodysurfing display, was held at the famed Perenenan Right in Canggu Bali. The first heat of fin flapping freestylers swam out around 7am blurry. To a man they… More

Indonesia Deus 9ft & Single Log Event 2017

Deus 9ft & Single Log, Art, Music and Film Fest, proudly supported by our great friends over at SurfStitch, has to be one of the funnest weekends we have all year. But let’s face it…it’s the… More

Indonesia Pocket Full of Garden – Thomas Edwards

Thomas’ bike was built over a few months at home with the help of a mate who is a mechanic. When asked about the idea behind his bike this is what he had to say… “Few… More