Indonesia Denpasar Fun Ride

A couple of the Deus crew awoke from their slumber early this morning to load the up the truck and head to Denpasar. To partake in the monthly Fun Ride was their goal and by the… More

Indonesia Christmas Meals at Deus

All around the Temple of Enthusiasm effects of the season can be felt, decorations are adorning walls, merry jingles break out without warning and tomfoolery in a Santa hat is a regular occurrence. To extend the… More

Indonesia Christmas Collaboration Art Show

The season to be jolly is upon up people. Being all southern hemisphere and what-not, Christmas is in the hottest part of the year, which may sound like a weird concept, but it has its benefits…surfing… More

Indonesia High Summer line hits the racks

Fresh off the boat, the new line of threads has made it’s way from the port and arrived at the Temple Of Enthusiasm. Box-fresh and ready to adorn, this High Summer collection migrated into the showroom,… More

Indonesia Tremors and Bali Fixie Comm pay Deus a Visit

A lot of bicycle related happenings have been going down in the past few days, from the Deus crew taking a ride with the ‘Bali Fixie Comm’, to the ‘Tremors Bicycle Club’ from Jakarta paying us… More

Indonesia Made J will kick off a month of Sunday Sessions

All December the Deus Café will be hosting Sunday Sunset Jam Sessions. To kick things off right we have Blues Artist Made J performing. He has just just done a 3 month stint in Europe and… More