Indonesia Swapmeet Style

Wow! What a day!…Deus Canggu’s first ever swapmeet has just come to an end and twas quite the eventful occasion.Vendors arrived early to set up their respective booths, making trips to the coffee machine to fuel… More

Indonesia Blowing off some steam Bali style

No matter what walk of life you are currently cruising down, or how happy you may be with your current day to day dealings…everybody needs to let loose and blow off some proverbial steam once in… More

Indonesia Paintboothing

We love painting things here at Deus, anything that can be painted will be painted. I noticed some commotion around the paint-booth yesterday so I thought I would go takes a look see. I sneak in… More

Indonesia Papas got a brand new bag..

There are many things in life which define a person…personality, views on the world and how they present themselves. Now I’m an advocate of the latter of these three, how you dress / look on a… More

Indonesia Kickin’ it antique style

I love perfect timing, like when it starts to rain as soon as you get inside, or when you find a taxi as soon as you need one. Or in our case when an amazing piece… More

Indonesia An afternoon in Denpasar

As my unplanned arrival at a motorcycle show about a moth ago dropped me in the thicket of local bike building and culture, I decided to return this month to see whats what going down in… More