Indonesia Dear Andy

Dear Andy, I am walking around today in a somber daze except for the frequent cold chills that run up my spine when I realize that you are really not alive anymore. I am sad. I… More

Indonesia Rainbow of goodies

Under a blanket of darkness, with its blacks and grey’s, three crates arrived at Number 88 Batu Mejan. So heavy they were that we had to open them atop their carriage and unpack them piece by… More

Indonesia Burning Sideways

Amongst the copious amounts of awesome stuff that arrived in crates today, I found these, went in the back room and promptly read all of them cover to cover. Sideburn is a British based motorcycle magazine,… More

Indonesia D.Hump up to his old tricks

Some interesting characters have been passing through Deus Canngu lately. From surfing greats to jet setting rockstars, they have all kicked back with a Bintang or two. Of course in true fashion, D.Hump has been pulling… More

Indonesia High & Low Exhibit

Here at Deus, when we hear the name, Frazer Anderson, we think of a fun loving’, humble cat, who sometimes DJ’s on our veranda on Friday afternoons. However his past reveals him to be quite the… More

Indonesia Another day at the beach

Boards have come and gone from the red brick rank on our West wall. Some leave our little slice of paradise headed for the frigid waves of Europe’s coast, while a few enjoy Rio as their… More