Indonesia Papas got a brand new bag..

There are many things in life which define a person…personality, views on the world and how they present themselves. Now I’m an advocate of the latter of these three, how you dress / look on a… More

Indonesia Kickin’ it antique style

I love perfect timing, like when it starts to rain as soon as you get inside, or when you find a taxi as soon as you need one. Or in our case when an amazing piece… More

Indonesia An afternoon in Denpasar

As my unplanned arrival at a motorcycle show about a moth ago dropped me in the thicket of local bike building and culture, I decided to return this month to see whats what going down in… More

Indonesia Sleek new fixed gears hit the showroom floor

“The bicycle is a curious vehicle, its passenger is its engine”  – John HowardThis quote is is simplistically confusing, however makes sense at the same time. Its almost the same kind of view I have towards… More

Indonesia Deus book hits the shelves

The Deus ‘House Of Simple Pleasures’ is on our shelves! 300 pages of visual greatness, wrapped up in a hardback for your pleasure. The book chronicles 5 years of Deus, from bikes to boards, peddling and… More

Indonesia Book Launch NYC

The Deus Book was was unveiled stateside a couple of days ago. A small gathering was held to celebrate occasion at ‘Saturdays’ in New York City. Here are a few pictures from the event. Damn those… More