Indonesia D.Hump up to his old tricks

Some interesting characters have been passing through Deus Canngu lately. From surfing greats to jet setting rockstars, they have all kicked back with a Bintang or two. Of course in true fashion, D.Hump has been pulling… More

Indonesia High & Low Exhibit

Here at Deus, when we hear the name, Frazer Anderson, we think of a fun loving’, humble cat, who sometimes DJ’s on our veranda on Friday afternoons. However his past reveals him to be quite the… More

Indonesia Another day at the beach

Boards have come and gone from the red brick rank on our West wall. Some leave our little slice of paradise headed for the frigid waves of Europe’s coast, while a few enjoy Rio as their… More

Indonesia Campur Film Festival List

Ok everybody, the Deus Campur Film Festival is well and truly underway. The list of 12 compulsory items is out, of which you have to choose 5 to appear in your miniature masterpiece. For those of… More

Indonesia Swapmeet Numero Uno

Come one, come all. Deus Bali is holding it’s first of many swapmeet’s here at the Temple of Enthusiasm on Sunday the 14th of November. This being swapmeet Numero Uno it will be a gathering of… More

Indonesia Good Times come with Motorcycles

One of the best things about owning and riding a motorcycle is the undeniable connection you have with your machine and what your doing with it. You can see the shocks absorbing every bump and the… More