Indonesia Titles from the vintage surf library at Monty’s place

During this morning’s surf check, I caught up with good friend Mr Steve ‘Monty’ Montell. Between looking out yonder for sets he was flicking through an old book. “Whats that?” I asked inquisitively.  “When I was… More

Indonesia Inspriration from aesthetics..

As I sit at the Deus Cafe slowly sipping my latte, I come realize that we here at Deus draw inspiration from alot of the things around us. Surf, sun, friends, art and motorcycles all play… More

Indonesia Gallery Sans Aficionados

The Deus Gallery has been abuzz with people since the opening night of the ‘single fin’ exhibit. I wanted to get some photos without art aficionados leaning inquisitively close to the works upon its walls. So… More

Indonesia Quiver of new boards arrive at the Temple

After many an hour hidden away in the surfboard art bay, the Smokin’ Skull has finished the ink on newest batch of Deus Custom’s surfboards.This latest quiver of shred sticks have been shaped by Deus Shapers… More

Indonesia Good Vibrations treats people to a ‘blast from the past’ surf comp

The Good Vibrations surf competition was held yesterday…and what a day it was. Filled with sun, surf and single fin shenanigans. The event gave its guests a chance to chill out on Canggu beach and watch… More


The Deus Temple of Enthusiasm welcomed friends and family into its warm embrace last night. With the opening of the ‘single fin’ art exhibit and the ‘Good Vibrations’ surf competition awards, people form all walks of… More