Indonesia Wolfmother at The Temple of Enthusiasm

  OK, so this is a little hard to claim but there is a more than reasonable chance that Wolfmother will be playing a live acoustic show tomorrow night Oct 12th here at the Deus “Temple… More

Indonesia Mr Wellman graces our racks.

Andrew Wellman is an artist. His pieces take up prime real estate on our walls as well as walls around the world. His latest works are a limited edition run of hand printed tee shirts to… More

Indonesia Ladies look better in red

A few weeks ago our brothers in arms down under said they were diligently working away on something in their workshop. Not giving us any clues we were left to speculate. A new salt flat skipper… More

Indonesia Fin inspired sushi knife

You know those ideas you get whilst crooning over a beer, the type of idea that sounds a little crazy but is well within the realms of possibility? Well that’s exactly what happened at the Temple… More

Indonesia Deus Sunset Session Round 2

The second Deus Sunset Session will take place this Friday October 8th. We will be starting the live music a little earlier this time around to make sure the whole family gets to enjoy the tunes…. More

Indonesia Lee ‘King of Mess’ Wilson

These paintings came in this afternoon and I was immediately intrigued. On display for a one night showing, they were part of a little Oakley get-together to celebrate the opening day of the Oakley World Pro Junior… More