Indonesia Lee ‘King of Mess’ Wilson

These paintings came in this afternoon and I was immediately intrigued. On display for a one night showing, they were part of a little Oakley get-together to celebrate the opening day of the Oakley World Pro Junior… More

Indonesia Deus Sunset Session

Last nights ‘Deus Sunset Session’ went down swimmingly. Friends and family joined at the temple for a night of laughs, music and an all around good time. Frazer was DJing a unique mix of 50’s Rock… More

Indonesia Bat tails, glassed in twinnies and a 10 foot nose rider

Smokin’ Skull rocked up this morning with the latest batch of Deus Customs straight from polish. Bat tails, glassed in twinnies, rocket fishies and even a 10 foot noserider. A true cross section of styles and… More

Indonesia Surfing a River

Our good friend Mikala Jones, just got back from a week long surf trip in China of all places. He is a consummate traveller who is always looking for the next swell, this time on a… More

Indonesia Two Wheel Enthusiasts

We have had quite a few 2 wheel enthusiasts pass through this Temple’s doors since we opened. I guess Shoeless Joe was right when he said “build it and they will come.” From human powered, lightweight… More

Indonesia Sunset Jam Sessions

Starting this Friday, October 1st, Deus will be hosting a weekly sunset jam session at the Deus Cafe. Starting at 5:30 and flowing through until the party stops, this chilled out set will give whoever wants… More