Indonesia Deus at Sacred Craft

Our good friend and Australian colleague, Damion Fuller is currently in San Diego sliding a white-gloved finger over the sensuous contours of contemporary surf culture in his capacity as “expert appraiser” at the SACRED CRAFT surf expo. Sacred… More


Emerging from Tom Blakes ingenuity and creativity was the first surfboard fin, a single fin.  A design feature stemming from a need to stabilize a surfboard as it rides a wave. Since its creation, the smooth… More

Indonesia Headed for a Parallel Universe…

Welcome everybody, to the Parallel Universe…A place where internal combustion, of the side by side variety is worshiped, a place where W650’s, Norton Commando’s and XS650’s feel a sense of belonging…It may not be the best… More

Indonesia Bengkel Boys bust a move over to the new workshop…

The Boys from the Bengkel made the move to thier new work-shop in the Deus ‘Temple of Enthusiasm’  today, and judging from the look on their faces it was like their birthday’s and Christmas came at… More

Indonesia Evil Twin

Another Chris Garret and Smokin’ Skull stick fresh from the creation chamber. This sexy fish has been dubbed ‘the evil twin’…out to steal your wife and kill your dog, watch out for this gem… Dimensions – … More

Indonesia Beach Cruisin on a time machine

Now when you look at this pristine baby blue beach cruiser, would you believe that this bicycle is almost 80 years old?…To be fair it has had quite the touch up, and the only 80 year… More