Indonesia Andrew Wellman – Surf Art

Now for those of you who have any appreciation at all towards surfing and its subsequent culture, I have no doubt that these art pieces are going to send your brain into a mind orgasm. They… More


As each day passes, our temple grows closer and closer to completion. Soon, we will have moved in, and can look back at this building period with fond memories. Until then however, we gotta keep on… More

Indonesia Another look from inside the barrel

Mikala Jones has once again woken up at the crack of dawn, jumped on his bike and made his way to the beach, all as the sun is still rising, to paddle out and grab more… More

Indonesia Deus Kite Cam 3000

Have you ever had a crazy idea as you go about your day, and then think about it later and actually go over the logistics of it, and  come to realize that as crazy as it… More

Indonesia A Peek inside the studio of a Mr. Andrew Wellman

Nestled amongst paddy fields, down a crooked little ally sits an ordinary little house, but what goes on inside the little house is something a little bit different. I enter to the smell of coffee and… More

Indonesia Matuse…Art + Function

Mikala Jones has been part of the Canngu community for over a decade now, so it only made sense that he set up shop over here…literally. Located at Echo Beach, Matuse is described as ‘Art +… More