Indonesia A Peek inside the studio of a Mr. Andrew Wellman

Nestled amongst paddy fields, down a crooked little ally sits an ordinary little house, but what goes on inside the little house is something a little bit different. I enter to the smell of coffee and… More

Indonesia Matuse…Art + Function

Mikala Jones has been part of the Canngu community for over a decade now, so it only made sense that he set up shop over here…literally. Located at Echo Beach, Matuse is described as ‘Art +… More

Indonesia Jet Black Fish

Another sleek ‘Deus Custom’ has emerged from the top secret location in which they are crafted. This 5’9 Fish was shaped by Luke Studer, and is sporting a jet black resin job courtesy of the “Smokin’… More

Indonesia Fresh out the oven

Here’s an unsullied ‘Deus Custom’ ready to draw some new lines! This board is the creation of shaper CHRIS GARRETT, and has been dubbed the ‘Rocket Fish’. Its a Mark Richards twin fin setup with a trailer… More

Indonesia Bukit Climber Motobike Article

The Deus ‘Bukit Climber’ got some exposure last month when it was featured in ‘MotoBike’ Magazine! Here are a couple images of the bike and the article.

Indonesia Bali Dog II

This new generation ‘Bali Dog’ shares many of the same specs as its older brother, but has received an overall refinement worthy of its second-generation title. This beauty is sportin’ A Yamaha 225cc engine, chrome scrambler… More