Indonesia What a difference a day makes. The Ninth 9ft & Single

Wow, what a day? Coming into the carpark at dawn, my first thing thoughts were this was somewhere else. Everything was in the right place but it was the difference between chalk and cheese. Overnight the… More

Indonesia When havoc and chaos came to town. The Ninth 9ft & Single

Neptune, Varuna, Ba Ngu, Nyai Roro Kidul or Poseidon* whatever name you know him, or her by, must have been working a bucket load of overtime to serve up the swollen swell we saw when we arrived at… More

Indonesia Womp Comp went silly and we shot it. The Ninth 9ft & Single

What an amazing way to start the ninth annual Deus 9ft & Single Surf, Art, Music & Art Festival. Pumping surf that was chucking men out and about like soggy papier mache dolls. We were wrenched into… More

Indonesia Looking back at Eight 9ft & Singles a week out from the Ninth!

Rathjer than give you the normal heads up we thought we’d throw together s little retrospective piece about the Deus 9ft & Single Surf, Art, Music & Film Fest, now we are only one week out from the… More

Indonesia We came, we saw, they are Blacksaw.

Everything is cyclic. Blacksaw is Stephanie and Kyle, a Canadian couple who, some years back, sat on the front verandah here at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu Bali and dreamt of their future. It… More

Indonesia Legging it… Up, around and down in Bali

When you think of a trip to Bali maybe only one in a hundred would think, oh that’s a nice place to ride a bicycle. Or is that more like one in a thousand? Well, Jack… More