Against all odds, the Swank Rally di Sardegna took off. Together with Adventure Riding, we’ve stuck through it, and it has been an unforgettable experience. The last great adventure during these uncurtains days. More than 1000 Km for… More

Italy The Swank Rally Di Sardegna – Don’t Stop Me Now

It wasn’t stopped by Covid-19, it wasn’t stopped by the economic crisis, and by the stormy weather neither. The Rally di Sardegna doesn’t stop, thanks to the determination of our organizations, sponsors, and the 80 riders… More

Italy Deus Swank Rally di Sardegna Don’t Stop

Following the government restrictions concerning the COVID19 alarm, and for the safety of the participants, we must delete the former dates for the Swank Rally di Sardegna Classic (29th May – 2nd June). But this is… More

Italy L’ARTICA 2020 – La Classica D’Inverno

Italy L’Artica 2020

You look out of the window as you use to do every Sunday, and everything seems the same, but… this Sunday, the 26 th of January, is different. This is the day in which you break the chain… More

Italy Swank Rally Di Sardegna

Twenty minutes of video can’t express the euphoria of 3 days riding a bike through the island of Sardinia. However, it can draw a few tears to those who were there … and whet the appetite… More