Italy Derrick

Deus Derrick The owner’s dreams begins when he found an old Bmw R80/7 from the German Police, even before defining the project he already gives birth to its name to be “Derrick” inspired by the German… More

Italy Done! DEUScycleworks team made ​​the Eroica

The now historic and legendary race through the roads of chianti saw us more or less cycling with a smiling face and completely amazed by the extraordinary beauty of the course . But let’s start from… More

Italy Steve R100

We were looking for a definitive build for a great friend and customer. That was looking for a Deus, on real cool motorbike to drive it every day, and making some good trip. And we find… More

Italy Lonigo’s Flat Track

We woke up early in the morning to go to Lonigo’s Flat Track circuit to try side ride… Suddenly, our Volkswagen decided to stumble and die. Actually we did with it more than 4.000 km in… More

Italy Lightning 400

…white like a lightning! Why a lightning? Because is powerful, is crazy, is made of light. And because is a simple and direct sign. Like the bike we build. We were playing on a real icon… More

Italy To Wheels and Waves with a Deus Lightning.

            A bike, a journey and a world class event, the perfect occasion to test ride our new Deus SR400 Lightning. The SR has always been the best base for any… More