Japan Tokyo’s little Thunderball – The Honda V-Twin Street Tracker Build Report

 “Full speed ahead and don’t spare the horses” could be the sign above the door at Deus Japan’s workshop today. With only days to go before its debut, it felt like time to share some of… More

Japan Knee Deep In Niseko

The team from Tokyo’s Residence of Impermanence have long lead from the front when it comes to living the Deus culture of creativity. So it is with pride they have recently announced the latest appendage to the… More

Japan Deus Japan introducing: Deus Powder Tools

A Conversation With The Shaper of Deus Powder Tools – TAKUYA ‘TAPPY’ YOSHIKAWA.. Read more on deuscustoms.com/blog/a-conversation-with-the-shaper/ Introducing the shapes: THE PIKE: inspired by Gentemstick boards, but focused more on freestyle than the Gentem fish. It… More

Japan A Conversation With The Shaper of Deus Powder Tools

TAKUYA ‘TAPPY’ YOSHIKAWA   In my youth I frequented many board factories from the age of 15 and by 16, I shaped my first surfboard behind the back of the adults. I have been shaping for… More


日本のみなさん この英文のあとのに日本語があります。 They had toiled for months, secreted away in dimly lit workshops buried deep within the Tokyo Metropolis and beyond. A rag-tag army of moto rebels, hell bent on birthing a mountain of unorthodox metal… More


日本のみなさん この英文のあとに日本語があります。 1st Place – Reio Ono – Suzuki Selpet 50cc Racer At home with rigors of the Build Off, it was Reio Ono’s 2015 third place win spurred him to return this year. Going back… More