America Sevenish

Kinda, sorta, maybe the seventh bike to roll off the rack in Woolie’s Workshop, The Sevenish is the latest bike that’s been brought into being by Deus Ex Machina’s US Motorcycle Design Director, Michael Woolaway. A… More

America The Moto Grigio

Woolie’s Workshop and the Deus Ex Machina-Emporium of Postmodern Activities present: -MOTO GRIGIO- Moto Grigio is Michael Woolaway’s latest addition to the Deus Ex Machina arsenal. The bike’s namesake is a vintage Ferrari paint called Grigio… More


THE GOOD: The simple criterion of the historical LA-Barstow-to-Vegas Dual Sport ride have remained the same for the past 29 years: Follow a charted route on dual sport motorcycles to Las Vegas, starting in Los Angeles,… More

America Delaminated

DELAMINATED was the moniker we gave our vintage skate swap meet. Tongue-in-cheek as usual, like most of our naming goes. For those who don’t know, delamination is the separation of the pressed layers of plywood that… More

America The Wild Hare

On a fine Sunday in Birmingham, Alabama during the Barber Vintage Festival our maestro of the metal mill and spanner Michael Woolaway (aka Woolie) took to the forest like a wild hare for the Vintage Cross… More

America Bivouac

We called this adventure Bivouac. A bivouac shelter is any of a variety of improvised camp sites such as those used in scouting and mountain climbing. It may often refer to sleeping in the open with… More