Temple local and Deus Family Arthur decided he needed a new iron sled not only fit for the dirt but to go to from A to B on the daily with style, with Slidetober around the corner… More

Indonesia The Shank

About a year ago we unveiled The Shank, a square shouldered ride with oodles of front and a fair old bit of grunt built on one of the more available options we have at the ready… More

Indonesia Cafe Scorpio II

Australia Scorpido 225

In standard trim Yamaha’s Scorpio is about as elegant as Joe Bugner reciting Tolstoy. Not the prettiest to look at, and as for sound, a tsunami waring siren would be more pleasant to the ear. However… More

Indonesia The Shanky Dog

Indonesia The Barefoot Executive

Yamaha Scorpio 225 this little piggy went to the market and picked up a big old sack of treats. Starting off with a custom Deus tank and spray job, Ported engine head, KOSO 30mm carburettor Wiseco… More