Italy Saint

Moving through one of our biggest love, the Kawasaki W800 (a perfect basis for customs), we arrive to define this last build specially made for our Santiago, one of the Head of the italian Deus Cafè…. More

Australia Red Pill

‘Red Pill’ – To be taken twice daily Build by Jeremy Tagand We were approached with a simple enough brief, ‘surf bike please, based on my W650, low and lean’. Styling cues were borrowed from our… More

Australia Hunter Gatherer

Always keen to try something new on two wheels, Jeremy head tech of Deus Camperdown has embraced the world of dirt track sliding. Starting out on a $100.00 Honda XL basket case, Jez needed more and… More

Australia Pegasus

Not so many moons past, a good friend of Deus Camperdown came to us with a special request. We had suspected this gentleman harboured a deep and abiding love affair with the internal combustion engine by… More

Italy W Racer

Another story for the Kawasaki W800, another smooth and sexy cafè racer custom bike. This bike was made for a Swiss customer and friends, and the starting point was a tank. But not a casual one,… More

Italy Burnish Twin

A W800 inspired by a color. A bike mixing style and accessories in every details: was made to use it every day, miles by miles, with a color that will never get old. At least, will… More