11 - 14 OCTOBER 2018



Slidetober Fest is the world’s Premier Surf and Moto Festival. An annual long weekend of surfing, high octane fun and our fiesta of other events.

What started as a homespun happening to help us here blow off some steam has evolved over time and tide and morphed into what it is today, an internationally renowned, grass roots style celebration that attracts both motorcycle riders and surfers from all over the globe.

The Festival is now four days and nights of play. Motocross, Swank Rally, Surfing and Flat Track are stacked end to end to fill up the days, we bring our little village to each, shade is erected, set up the Barbie and whack beers on ice. The coffee machine is kicked into first and we spice the whole place with good tunes and good vibes so we all have a hell of a time.

We are stoked to again be welcoming a bevy of VIP’s, international media from both the US and Europe and of course a massive number of Deus family members from across the globe and not to forget all our friends from around here.

Then there’s our nightly events; Deus Film Night, The Concert, an Art Exhibition and an Awards and Wrap Up Party are all vying with each other to fill you to overflowing.



Thursday is day one, we’re starting the weekend early and it is going to be long. Following in the traditions set by our Italian cousins, it's swank, but it's a rally. We’re there to celebrate the beauty of old motorcycles ripping around an obstacle course, albeit in the tropics. Not giving too much away at this point but there is bound to be plenty of ruddy tracks and pot holed paths. It’s about the refinement of the knobbled specials, whether they’re on engines working in 2 strokes or 4 but like all of these things everything is bound to be dusted with the ignorance of the inappropriate and unapologetic.

We’ve stirred the pot a little from last year’s inaugural event and set out a twisted track marked on one side by beautiful vistas before winding back into and behind rice fields that dump you back where you began. You’re racing against time, not physical opponents. A mental twister, did the bloke before you do it quicker or slower.



For us the Friday is going to be day two of the weekend when we head out on a small trek to gather at a private Motocross track. The event is centred around having fun and riding small bore bikes, whether they are new or vintage it’s a true ‘ride what you brung’ event.

All walks of life will be battling it out on the dirt. Young, old, girls and boys. Everybody is welcome and some truly spontaneous rivalries are about to be born.

If the past years are anything to gauge things by, we’re going to see some vintage beauties and a drizzle of the outlandishly modified amidst a sea of peoples daily rides pushed to the point of break.

We will have some hire vendors onsite. But remember the old adage about you break you buy before getting legally bound.



Day three of the festival opens bright and early at the beach with the Saturday surf. This is an event that is truly unique in its format and why it attracts some of the most well-rounded surfers on the planet, local legends and ripping ring ins all rubbing shoulders. This is one of those competitions where everyone’s laughing and smiling.

No need to bring your own boards, we’ll supply them. All the boards surfed in the comp were shaped in the Deus Shaping bay by any one of our diverse collection of shapers. The boards also come in all shapes and sizes... We've got fishes, thrusters, bonzers, quads, finless, asymmetrical and single fins.

To make it cheekier we throw in some chance, surfers draw straws for board choice, they can’t just grab what they want, that would be way too easy. After that they hit the line-up to rip whatever they ended up with.



Day four we are back at a track and one of our own making it totally worth it. We have taken last year’s event and turbocharge it. We’re shootin’ more for the real deal.

Based on traditional flat tracking this event is all about turning left, but now we have a proper place to do it, a groomed track. Pinning that throttle, sliding, bumping, dodging ruts and aiming for glory, it’s all going to be a huge day of fun.

Five identical bikes in engine and form, purposely built Deus flat track bikes, should set things more on an even keel and is going to wipe the weekends slate clean. Skill will be the master here and we all know that brings something special to any event. They’re to be manned, and womaned, with riders from far and wide we take to our brand spanking new purpose built mini Flat Track.



The Deus Slidetober Fest isn’t just about what goes down during the day. Some of the attendees are more interested in what comes up at night. According to them, more than half the fun is had after the sun dips and to cater for them we are building out a cool agenda and sprucing up the Temple to accommodate everybody’s needs and tastes.

One things for sure, the Temple will be packed from gladak-to-gladak with locals and visitors all looking for a great time and we aim to please.


We love a good movie, film is near and dear, so we’re stringing the Deus Bedsheet up in the backyard and projecting some celluloid e is another new addition this year. We are super excited to be able to present an evening of movies all made about, or by, people on two wheels.

The medium is near and dear to us, we make a heap of them ourselves, so we’re super stoked to celebrate the art of filmmaking with everyone who will be here.




We make a night right up the front that is all about music, at last year’s Slidetober we were super excited to have LA band, the Allah-lahs play, which was perfect for us. For this year’s 9ft & Single in June we were stoked to have Lime Cordiale from Australia’s east coast fly in to entertain the crowds, and it went down so well we’re doing it again.

We’re kicking it into second for this years Slidetober, because let’s face it. We only know one way to move and that’s forward. Ain’t no damn reverse gear here.



Come Sunday night we once again transform the courtyard to play host to both the festival’s awards ceremony and an amazing live bands and DJ’s that will rage on into the wee hours of the morning.

The last hurrah, as we party with new and old friends before heading our separate ways. We rejoice in being lucky enough to take part, nurse wounds and tell tall stories of what went down.




It’s been a staple in every Slidetober Fest we have held. We love welcoming new artists to come and work at the Temple and hold an exhibition in the Deus Gallery as a celebration to all the hard work they have put in before.

In the past we have had exhibitions from the likes of Paul McNeil, Ozzy Wright, the Land Boys, Tyler Warren, Rockin’ Jelly Bean, Stevie Gee, Inky and many, many more. We are looking to continue the high level we’ve set ourselves with this tradition.



We are super proud to have Frii Hotel as our accommodation sponsor. They have been supporting us since they opened,
hosting our VIP’s and international guests and we’re happy to say it’s a great place to stay.

You can email Reservations on or go through to their website,
Mention ‘Deus Slidetoberfest 2018’ for their special rates.

If you are after something a little more local and rustic, here's some local homestays run by some of our friends, all of them are close to the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu.

Ayok Stay And Surf
Jalan Munduk Catu no 03, Batu Bolong, Canggu.

Raka & Rai Homestay
Jl. Tanah Barak, Canggu

June Guest House

Ketapang Guest House

Koming Guest House
Jl Munduk Catu no.36 Canggu.

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