• Josh Keogh

  • Mike Minchinton

  • Forrest Minchinton


  • Mason Dyer

  • Takuya ‘Tappy’ Yoshikawa

  • Joel Fitzgerald

  • Neal Purchase Jr.

    What can be said about a man who carries multiple cards up his sleeve? First and foremost a family man, a legend of a surfer, an artist and a musician? While over in Bali on holiday… More
  • Ryan Burch

    There’s this kid fooling around in the shaping bay madly mowing foam. Peeking in it’s clear that he’s shaping a board, though it’s not like anything we’ve seen before, And take it from us, we’ve seen… More
  • Jeff Mccallum

    We are more than a bit spoilt at the Deus Temple in Canggu for a whole heap of reasons. One though is really near and dear. We have been extremely fortunate to have some great shapers… More
  • Bob Mctavish

    Living surf legend Bob McTavish has been hanging around the Deus Temple in Canggu Bali getting his hands dirty. We originally thought ourselves bloody lucky just to entice him to Bali for a spot of early… More
  • Thomas Bexon

    Thomas Bexon is a big man with a big beard and an even bigger heart. The dude himself is renowned along the coasts of Australia for making some of the best nose-riding logs around and being… More
  • Rich Pavel

    Said it before and we’ll say it again…we’re so damn lucky to receive this constant stream of the most amazing people, from as many if not more, walks of life. Here we are, this young company… More
  • Chris Garrett

    Chris Garrett is a strange character, and we don’t use strange in a bad way whatsoever…he’s just that guy who you can rely on to crack the most simple yet amusing jokes and has his own… More
  • Ryan Lovelace

    The Temple’s modest shaping bay has been rather blessed during the past twelve months. A constant stream of talent, embodied in both technique and specialty, have served their residence within its foam covered baby blue walls…. More
  • Josh Hall

    Not wanting to let the foam dust settle in the shaping bay we’ve once again been graced with another shaper out back lately, this time heralding from San Diego, Josh Hall. We think that one of… More
  • Tyler Warren