The second single release in as many weeks from TV Baby’s forthcoming album out Dec 12, 2016, KLERIN PRIEST gets the remix treatment from two of electronic music’s most esoteric characters. On the second of a two-part remix package, the lean, taut, tense original drops with a pair of reinterpretations that channel its risqué elements towards heating up the dance floor. The record is the perfect tonic to the tripped out flavors explored in the preceding part one POWERING.


Tv Baby Klerin Priest

Artwork by VIZIE // Insta @eiziv

Trus’me is an artist who knows a thing or two about the collaborative aspect of the remix, he is also a man whose continually evolving creative process make his remixes so unpredictable and vital. Currently exploring spaced out dance floor dynamics, the experienced Manchester producer puts a Detroit spin on KLERIN PRIEST, turning in a slice of broken electro funk with a distinct UK flavor.

London based Ivan Smagghe has long been a proponent of industrial sleaze and brings his vast experience to bear on his chugging, restrained, ‘Crossed’ remix of Klerin Priest. The Frenchman’s ‘Ghetto’ mix is even more reduced and touches on the now resurgent minimal sound. With musical cycles once again aligning towards a more stripped back, tripped out approach, both mixes tap into the essence of Smagghe’s undeniable, electro-leaning influence on the darker dance floors of today.

Both remixes here come from producers adept at mining a track to recesses of its soul, touching on darkness and light and bringing those intentions to bear for DJs unrestricted by mood and atmosphere.

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Purple.TV is now premiering the music video for KLERIN PRIEST, directed by Timothy Saccenti and Zachary Krevitt

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