Indonesia The Man from Shōnan

This year there were lots of firsts for us at the Temple, and one of them was the legendary underground shaper Tahuya ‘Tappy’ Yoshikawa coming to visit. In tow with the sensei was his apprentice Ryo,… More

America Parking Lot d’Elegance II

Not your regular trailer-queen-beauty-pagent-polish-off, we did away with “concours condition” requirements of d’Elegance and added a few inches of precipitation and tractor tires. An assembly of machines united by their worldly function, these astonishingly beautiful vehicles… More

America The Deus Bully

The latest bespoke build from Woolie’s Worshop in gorgeous moving pictures. Special thanks to Nicolai Iuul and the team at Bell & Ammo for their inspiring work.

America DBBO 13 – The Panel

The Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off, Venice edition, featured a stellar line up of adjudicators. On hand was Yoshi Kosaka of Garage Company fame, Shinya Kimura of Shinya Kimura fame, author and bike enthusiast, Lori Bentley… More

Indonesia Deus KLX 150

Ask us why we haven’t used the Kawasaki KLX up until now for one of our projects and we’ve got no good answer for you. It has always been there lying in wait, overlooked and perhaps… More