America Austin, We Have Lift Off…

We were bestowed an immensely rare opportunity by our partners at Rizoma USA to visit the LCR Honda garage at MotoGP’s Grand Prix of The Americas in Austin, Texas, last month. The surgical precision with which these… More

America Hot Austin Nights

There’s a lot of buzz around Austin, Texas, these days and we can’t help but think that our friends at Revival Cycles have more than a little something to do with it. The custom bike builder… More

America TT800 – The Build

The Deus TT800 continues to take shape in Woolie’s Workshop. The France-bound, Triumph TT-inspired build is getting the full, handcrafted treatment with a handmade chromoly frame, custom gusseted swingarm, hand-built fenders, and brackets and mounts galore…. More

Australia The Faces of Thump

Some of the men and women who came down to celebrate the little engine that could. from the classy and functional to the weird and interesting, each of these bikes are designed to fit the personalities… More

America TT800 – Stage One

Coming up next out of Woolie’s Workshop: A Triumph inspired, chromoly framed custom designed for quick runs to the beach and destined for the coast of France. She’s shaping up quickly here at The Emporium of Postmodern… More

Australia Bob’s Blue Birds

Deus Ex Machina proudly announces the latest release of the Deus McTavish Blue Bird Container Collection, 6’6″ Blue Bird #6. Phew! Now you know the name, albeit very long, let us share in the wonderful chemistry… More


Power, grace, and two-stroke exhaust. An art form practiced by fearless two-wheeled entertainers for nearly a century, the spectacle of the motor drome inspires audiences as much today as we imagine they did in the early… More


An afternoon finding new friends, discovering lovely vistas, and lightly fueling the addictive nature of gambling with a little game of five card stud, The Big Blind Ramble was Deus Ex Machina’s humble way of selling… More