Indonesia Getting the DT’s.

On behalf of, ‘Geng Tril Tua’ of Indonesia, Yamaha DT Indonesia delivered their 2nd Jamboree in Bandung last Weekend. What a turnout there was, well into the hundreds streaming in from all regions of Indonesia there… More

Indonesia Pocket Full of Garden – Lewie Dunn

“This is the bike I had built specifically for Lewie, It’s a kind of Tracker Scrambler Dual Sport hybrid.” says Dustin Humphrey, director of Deus Indonesia.  “The bike is all black because, well, Lewie just is… More

Indonesia Slidetober Fest – Moto X

Wow what a day! The second segment of the Deus Slidetober Fest, The Moto X definitely did not disappoint. I think the participants were having just as much fun as the riders. It all kicked off… More

Indonesia Slidetober Fest – Beach Track Race

The Deus Slidetober Fest kicked off today with the second annual Beach Track event held on the picturesque beaches of Tababnan with the ocean as its back drop. This event is similar to the popular sport… More

Indonesia 2016 Bike Build off – Bali

After days of rain leading up to the event, we woke up wondering if we were going to get wet when it came to ‘go time’ for the Deus Bike Build Off, but as dawn broke… More

Indonesia A Weekend on Two Wheels

Sometimes you just have to grab a few friends, pack a bag, throw your leg over a motorcycle and ride away from where you are for no reason other than just to do it. And thats… More

Indonesia Deus ex Machina presents: DUST

Life has a habit of going full circle, coming back around to give us what we gave it, echoes of the past rippling ever onwards. Forrest Minchinton was born to a surfer, shaper and traveller father… More


Custom bikes invariably have a story; previous owners, previous homes and previous lives that are rarely known, often untold, but ingrained indelibly in their personality. Deus ex Machina breathes life into old steel (many are new),… More

Indonesia 2016 Deus Dress Up Drags

The strip was ripped, the sun was shining and the throttles were popping and the 2016 Deus Dress Up Drags tore up dirt for a day of smiles, fun and pure drag tomfoolery. Dressed loose, the… More

Indonesia Lombok Ramble : The journey

Lombok, Indonesia is a mysterious place filled with perfect waves, dense jungles, volcanoes and deserted beaches. We landed at the ferry port in Lombok late January 2016 for a 6 day trip arranged by Indonesia Moto… More