Art 9T

Cafe racer conversions are nothing new, especially to us, but this particular build presented a couple of opportunities to do something fresh. The original spirit of cafe racers can be summarised in the immortal words of Colin Chapman "simplify, then add lightness". So when owner Artem gave us the brief to convert a 2014 BMW R nine T into a slick cafe racer, combining the best elements of classic style and modern technology, we couldn't resist.

The donor bike's trellis frame presented a unique challenge to achieving Artems desired aesthetic, not to mention the 1200 boxer that dwarfs most tanks. Jeremy finally settled on a Suzuki GS1100 tank from the 80's for its sportier angles opposed to its 70's predecessors. The tank was then heavily modified by @kansi_giant to allow it to sit deeper in the frame and accept the fuel pump, ECU and ABS module beneath. A custom subframe was then designed to seamlessly extend from the rear of the tank and finish just above the rear axle. Hidden beneath the new seat pan are the rest of the numerous electric gizmos needed to run the R Nine T. The final modifications to the frame include a custom oil cooler mount beneath the head stem to accept the smaller honda unit, a Wunderlich number plate holder with @kellermann_company Atto DF indicators and a super trick set of Sato Racing rear sets to get the riders feet in a more aggressive position. 

With the ART9T's skeleton now teeming with tenacity, the stock wheels, tyres, brakes and suspension were not going to suffice. The wheels were sent off to @ashspokedwheelz where they were taken from 17" to 18" giving the beemer some balance. The suspension was disassembled to be anodised before being sent off to be serviced at @shock_treatment_suspension. With the wheels and suspension back in the bike a hefty set of @beringer_brakes_offical calipers and master cylinders complete the handling package nicely.

Up front in the cockpit is where Mr Tagand really pulled out all the stops. The first piece to make it on the bike was a custom CNC top clamp from Ricci Engineering which holds the @motogadget motoscope pro front and center. The Adjustable ABM clip ons hold the aforementioned beringer kit, KTM RC8 throttle, Motogadget Mo.Blaze mirrors and bar-end indicators. A classic 5.75" bates headlight replaces the stock 7" piece. Then the pièce de résistance is the CNC grips which house Grip Ace switches which allow the rider to control the bike with the control pad under the left hand. 

 With most of the cosmetics taken care of the focus was turned towards the beating heart of the boxer, A custom set of 2 into 2 drag pipe was constructed with cats hidden within to keep the neighbours happy. A DNA stage 3 filter kit was bolted to the intake manifolds and a Dynojet Power Commander 5 gave @RB_racing the ability to tune the air fuel mixture to perfection. To dress up the engine a set of @rolandsandsdesign rocker covers were bolted on, a @rizoma belt cover encasing a sand cast Deus badge cleaned up the front and custom braided oil lines throughout finish the donk perfectly.

Final touches come by the way of top to bottom powder coat to protect all of Jeremy's hard work, Nardo Grey paint and a beautifully trimmed seat from Dave at @badarsetrimco.

A wink to the past, a nod to the present and a helmet full of smiles per hour. 

Build: jeremy.tagand
Photos: kenyonbatterson
Words: cam.rogerss

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