Parking Lot D'Elegance: La Voiture Rouge

Parking Lot D'Elegance: La Voiture Rouge

Since we constructed our beloved Deus Emporium here in Venice, we've developed a special affection for the little parking lot at the back. Enthusiasts from near and far have showcased their favorite rides, be they two or four wheels. What started as an unexpected post-construction activity gradually evolved into an unsanctioned parking lot car show. On any given day, people would gather to kick tires and savor their lattes. Recently, we decided to formalize this into an official event, which we affectionately named our "Parking Lot D’Elegance."


Due to the global pandemic we're all tired of discussing, we had to put our show on hold for a couple of years. However, at the end of last year, in collaboration with "The Motoring Club," we decided to relaunch it with a bang. Opting for a classic theme, we aimed to draw folks back into our parking lot on Saturday mornings, where they could enjoy some tunes, sip their coffee, and chat about their beloved rides.

There's something about a red vehicle, isn't there? Regardless of the build, make, or model, red just seems to make it faster. For the revival of our "Parking Lot D’Elegance," we settled on the theme of red cars. The turnout on that perfect Saturday morning exceeded our expectations, showcasing an eclectic selection of vehicles.

While a red 911 is always a head-turner (and yes, we had a few), and a Ferrari is almost expected (we had two, new and old!), some unexpected highlights stole the show. A pristine Falcon wagon with wood panels, a recently imported Pajero from the Middle East, and the pièce de résistance—an original Shelby Cobra, perhaps assembled down the road back in the day in Mr. Shelby’s workshop in Marina Del Rey.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us. Special gratitude to Michael from The Motoring Club for gathering his petrol-fueled tribe. Stay tuned for the next iteration of our Parking Lot D’Elegance.